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Orderly® is the easiest way to take your local store online within no time. Stop setting up complex e-commerce sites, and stop wasting time, Focus on orders and orderly business.

Risk-free trial. No credit card required.
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Orderly® makes it super simple to go online and stay online.

Fast, simple, and actually works.


    Install Orderly on your Android or iPhone


    Go online with basic business details, and start selling. 


    Share your business with customers, and on social media.

List-based ordering

In many ways, Orderly helps you sell more and makes your life easy.

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    Go online & stay online, effortlessly.

    In just one step, create a business profile, go online and start selling. And then, continue to stay online without the hassle of everyday work updating prices or stock information.

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    Serve your customers, swiftly.

    Send order updates, chat on enquiries, and send timely reminders for dues. Supercharge your local store and serve your customers at the speed they expect.

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    Take customer orders, brilliantly.

    On list orders, price them digitally in no-time, manage them without errors, and record payments. Print and send professional looking digital receipts and estimates with ease.

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    Switch contexts, seamlessly.

    Experience the power of conversational commerce by switching between the Orderly® app and your chat on WhatsApp in one click without losing context.

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    Get repeat orders, regularly.

    With easy repeat orders for lists, we encourage your customers to repeat orders in seconds, helping them come back to you again and again.

Catalogs, and more.

Not just list-based orders, use Orderly to showcase your catalogs or grow your customers.

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    Showcase catalogs, easily.

    Create unlimited catalogs so customers can check what you have easily. Share your catalog link on WhatsApp status and profile to stop spamming your customers.

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    Connect with customers, personally.

    Instantly transform your customers to use digital orders and enquiries that land from their WhatsApp to your WhatsApp without losing the personal touch.

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    Get your customer dues, timely.

    Record dues for customers and send them friendly reminders directly from your WhatsApp to theirs. Even access what they're due on their orders.

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    Build your community, loyally.

    Whether you're just starting out or been running your business for years, keep growing your community of customers by always staying connected with them.

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    Conduct business, privately.

    We respect your privacy and will never share your data with any third parties or serve ads for you or your customers.

How List-based Orders Work?

  • Customers send list orders on your WhatsApp
  • Price the orders & manage them
  • Send order updates and receipts on WhatsApp
  • Check customer dues right on the order page
  • Get Easy repeat orders from customers 
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How Catalog-based Enquiries Work?

  • Upload unlimited catalogs and set price ranges
  • Share your catalogs or products everywhere
  • Customers enquire on the products they like
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Simple Pricing

We just have one super-simple pricing, either paid monthly or yearly. For a limited time, signup to use for free.

  • Go digital with your local store.
  • Use an app to manage your business and customers
  • Get customer orders and enquiries on WhatsApp
  • Showcase and share your digital business
  • Manage Khata in a timely and personal way
  • Get easy repeat orders for list-based orders
  • Impress with digital pricing invoices & more
  • Create unlimited catalogs to share for enquiries
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₹299 per store

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