Why should you approach digital marketing for your local store?

published on 29 December 2021

One of the worst things that a brick-and-mortar businessman can do is undervalue the power of digital marketing.

The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive due to continuous upgrades and innovation in every aspect of the digital platform. Thus, it is not like the old times when a good word or recommendation from a customer is enough for a business to survive.

Your competitors will overtake you with a strong online presence and effective digital marketing strategies in no time.

Your store needs greater exposure that will drive more new customers in and old customers back.

So how is online marketing helpful in this case?

If you wish to achieve success in your business, you need to implement good digital marketing strategies to boost your sales. In recent times of pandemic, people have greatly shifted to digital platforms for shopping. Moreover, the added benefits of online shopping might not drift them from the digital space for a long time.

Do not worry, as we have come up with effective digital marketing strategies to help your store gain customers.

Location-based ads

While you advertise your store on different social media platforms, make sure to specify the relevant demographics you wish to target, such as location. Location plays a significant factor. You can target your city or local community.

Be very specific in campaigns and ads in order to drive potential customers. Make sure to add a call to action button so that they can immediately get in touch with you. Make sure to check the response analytics you get from the location and keep experimenting with your target audience and message creativity. Additional details such as age group or customer interests can also be included for specified targeting.

Search based google ads

Search based google ads are a major way of scaling your store name right to the top of the search engine. Thus, when potential customers search some keyword relevant to your brand service, they can view your site immediately. Your business can secure the top spot both in search engines and in the market.

Search Engine Marketing is more practical since it does not require any effort or special design and can drive maximum traffic to your online store.

Social media

Social media is one of the primary ways to bag more customers through greater exposure of your store. Make sure to maintain and update your content on social media platforms regularly. You have to put in much time and energy in order to gain maximum engagement.

For example, social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are used by people almost regularly. Thus, you should target spaces by analysing insights of where you get more feedback and engagement from.

Make sure to post fun content such as attractive infographics, engaging videos, witty memes. Moreover, actively engage with your audience by replying to them in comments, liking, etcetera.

Quality content

Creating high-quality content to convince them to buy your product is essential. You have to provide them with the necessary information to project your brand value.

There are a lot of ways to do this. You can create creative, interesting and helpful blogs. The social media content should also be appealing enough to convert viewers into customers. Creating and posting relevant content which goes with your brand helps your store rank higher in search engines and thus get more customers.

WhatsApp groups

Customers prefer a direct conversation with the store owner, which is also a huge factor in building customer loyalty. WhatsApp is the perfect platform for a one-on-one conversation between the customer and store owner. It is like a conversation generally happening in a physical store, minus all the inconvenience. Customers can inquire about products, receive purchase receipts and customer service all through this application.


Influencers are a crucial part of digital marketing. They have a heavy fan following. If you can get them to advertise your product, they act as a significant source of gaining more exposure for your business. They have the power to manipulate or influence people's actions, such as purchasing behaviour.

Among these countless followers, there might be many hidden potential customers. However, you have to make sure that your chosen influencer has the right or target audience for your business.

The process works in multiple ways. The influencers could advertise your product by describing its features and advantages on their social media handle.

These are some of the most effective ways of advertising your store online and driving maximum traffic. It also has the potential to expose your store to the global market. Thus, the possibilities are endless, which would have been quite difficult had it been just the traditional physical store. With Orderly, you can create your online store with ease. The application is extremely easy to use with simplified tools and no inventory management. Secure maximum deals with Orderly!

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