Is in-store service becoming outdated?

published on 29 December 2021

Are you a local store owner whose customer base is decreasing, especially in recent times? Well, you are not the only one who is facing this issue. Moreover, the onset of the pandemic has also pushed people to normalize digital shopping over in-store shopping. However, as per surveys, people love shopping online due to increased efficiency and customer service. Thus, this normalization may never change. Moreover, the current generation is more tech-savvy and prefer the digital platform to an in-store experience.

There are many other reasons due to which your in-store service is getting outdated which is repelling customers. Thus your store traffic is on the decline. Continue reading this article to identify the problems your store is facing.

Rise of Online buying in general

In recent times, people have started preferring online shopping to in-store shopping. This is because customers have relatively more choices in the digital shopping experience. This includes countless options in brands, products, services, retailers, etcetera. Thus, why will they visit stores when they have unlimited choices online?

Your competitors are adopting a digital platform

It has already been proved that online buying has taken over in-store buying. This is why your competitors are also digitizing their store in order to stay in the run. Maintaining customer loyalty becomes difficult in this case as they will opt for stores that are more convenient and offer better service. Thus, even though you and your competitor store offer similar products, they get better exposure and hence more customers.

Customer loyalty decline

Surveys show that more than 50 per cent of consumers prefer brands and stores with upgraded technology and service because it provides them greater convenience. This implies that a small investment in digitizing your store could earn you customer loyalty, which is very significant for maintaining a long-lasting and profitable relationship with them. Why would your customers prefer to stay if your services become traditional and outdated while your competitors are acing at every step of the way?

Customer time waste

Shopping in stores takes a consecutively longer time than shopping online. This is because first, they have to travel to that particular store, then wait in a queue to purchase something and then again travel all the way back to their houses. However, in online shopping, the customers get their orders delivered to their doorstep without wasting much time or money.

No clarity about In-store product stock

When customers want a specific product, they will not know for sure if your store sells that particular item. However, they can instantly check the catalogues of other online stores and immediately contact them. This is way faster than verifying the availability of the product at your offline store. This is why customers prefer online stores to offline.

More options while buying online

Customers can instantly compare a lot of stores and products online within a less time frame. This includes alternatives in pricing, product features, and other sectors of buying. They also get products that are not so easy to obtain in the offline market. For instance, products like Amazon's Alexa and 1+ phone models are not generally found in offline markets. Thus, the customers will not be aware even if they are available in some offline stores.

Customers have specific needs

Most customers have specific needs that they need to clarify about. It may be related to pricing, features, reliability, etcetera. Thus, the best way to address and solve their needs is by communicating with them and answering their queries so that they can proceed to buy immediately. During online shopping, the customer needs are usually met through text interaction. However, such a method is not possible for in-store shopping. If the customers visit the store and the product does not comply with their needs, their travel would go in vain, which is highly inconvenient.

Impatience due to Long queues

Customer queues are very frustrating. It leads to time waste and also hampers fast customer service, which should be one of the primary goals of stores. This is also highly inconvenient for aged people who cannot stand in queues. Thus, it puts your customer loyalty at much risk.

Alternatives through Social Media

In today's world of technology and upgraded digital experience, everybody, including small and local business owners to big businesses, use social media platforms for marketing their business. Thus, their brand, services and products get greater exposure. There are countless social media platforms where you can advertise your business ranging from Instagram, Twitter to Facebook. It also has the potential to open your market to a global audience.

Shabby in-store experience

Managing a store is not a piece of cake. You have to manage and organize inventory, store physical documents and records, clean the space frequently, and many more. However, it is not always possible to maintain a professional outlook. In this situation, if a customer visits, it will leave a negative impression on them. However, you can eliminate all of these worries by opening an online store.

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