Common Questions

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  • How can I grow my business with Orderly?

    Once you create a digital presence, you can share your store URL with your new and existing customers, so they can shop with you digitally. Your store link has the option for customers to browse and enquire on catalogs, or a list-based ordering when you have thousands of items, like a kirana/grocery/medical store. Customers also use the app, so your store is always available for them when they want to connect and order from you.

    Additionally, if you have a physical location like a shop, we send you a bunch of posters for displaying in-store and flyers that you can insert into your customers’ bags for awareness. We will keep trying more innovative ideas to increase your reach of customers.

  • Am I competing with other stores on Orderly?

    No. We are not a marketplace. In a marketplace, there is heavy competition, payments are always on hold for days, return rates are high, and margins are low. You have built your business over several years and have a loyal customer base. We want to help your efforts and grow the business, not start from scratch again.

    In our case, we connect stores and customers one on one. When your customers are adding your store, they are only adding your store, and connecting to you personally. Likewise, if your customers are adding your competitor’s store, they will add only their store. We never cross show stores because your customers are yours and their customers are theirs. This will help you eliminate online competition helping you grow your own local store digitally in an online way.

  • Apart from app how will you help me increasing my business?

    Apart from giving the app, we give you 4-5 large posters that you can stick on the walls so that customers know you are also available online. We believe that your customers are your best brand ambassadors. We also give you pamphlets, which you can insert into customer bags while packing so that they can later digitally order from you as well. Besides, as more of your customers shop digitally, they will order more, and you can request them to share the store with more of their friends and family increasing your business.

  • Are there online payments?

    No. Most customers who shop from local stores will pay on pickup or during delivery. But if more stores request this, we will enable it.

  • I do not see my question answered here. What can I do?

    You can always reach us over a call on 7993699123 or WhatsApp us on the same number for any doubts.

  • Should customers use the app to order?

    Yes. We want the customers to have the same seamless experience that business owners have. Besides, we want you to have the stickiness to your customers so they can contact your store and order or enquire from it anytime. We do not want the customers to remember any website URL. Instead, they will come to Orderly®, and see your store and order/enquire from it making it very simple for them and increasing retaining the customers for you.

  • How many catalogs can I create?

    On Orderly®, you can create any number of catalogs for your business, and you can share the business profile, catalogs or individual photos.

  • Why is there no cart and checkout for my customers?

    Because in most cases they don’t need it. When it comes to local stores, most stores engage in conversational commerce over chat apps, and not e-commerce websites which are hard to remember and order for customers. Also, conversational commerce is the future of e-commerce, so more and more people will be buying in the future by chatting with your store.

    However, because everyone’s needs are different, if you have a need to use a cart & check-out experience for your customers, you should probably not use Orderly®.

  • Why is it that you are charging when there are many free apps in the market?


    The free apps are using ads or selling your data to make money or trying to sell something to you, but eventually, it will be your business that will suffer when you are using such apps. Our goal is to provide value at the least cost possible. If you want to make a similar app of the same quality for your local store it will cost upwards of a few lakhs.

    Do not mistake your yearly investment into Orderly® as an expense. It is a minor investment that you are making to help your store be online and take more orders from customers and grow your business. With under 7 rupees per day, this is something that will greatly make a difference for you. Also, we are always one call away if you need any help.

  • I am happy with my business, why should I go digital?

    We are happy that you are happy. We want that happiness to be long lasting. As you are a good businessman, you already know that you have to keep changing according to the market needs. Right now, the market needs are changing, and more and more people are using digital ordering from their homes. If you adapt to it using Orderly®, we are sure that you can grow your business. 

  • Can I try orderly completely risk free?

    Absolutely! We want you to try the full experience that Orderly® has to provide. And only after you are fully satisfied do we ask you to consider extending the experience with a paid version. At any point, if you would like to try Orderly® for a few more days, please contact support for an extension.


  • What is the biggest difference between you and the other apps?

    None of the apps in the market is focused on digitizing local stores. Their focus is around creating complex e-commerce products focused on everything that may or may not help local stores. But we are specialized for local stores.

  • Why do I need to go digital?

    We want you to go digital because it is just a matter of time for that all your customers to start thinking of convenience and easiness in ordering. Even during the pandemic, the businesses that adapted to digital means are the ones who grew. Besides, many of your competitors are already going digital to serve their customers better, and if you do not, you will be left without business very soon.

  • How can I show the prices for my products?

    Just like how it is in your local store, we don’t want to show prices but have price ranges so that customers can enquire from you to shop before finally buying from you.

  • What is your domain background?

    One of us co-founders personally ran a wholesale store in one of the busiest markets in Secunderabad – and has experience from many other friends and relatives who are into local businesses as well. We took dozens of inputs before arriving at the solution.

  • Is my data stored safely?

    Of course. We use the industry’s best encryption and ensure that your data always remains protected from data leaks or privacy issues. Our technology is backed by over a decade of experience developing complex enterprise systems with some of the most sophisticated security mechanisms. Our CEO and Founder comes from more than 11 years of experience working at Microsoft in India and the US.

  • How do I know Orderly® is right for me?

    Try our app for free for 30-days. If you need more time, we’ll extend your trial as well. During the trial, you can explore everything that Orderly® has to offer and only then make the decision to go ahead with using Orderly.

  • How many product images can I add in a catalog?


    With Orderly®, you can create unlimited product images within one catalog, and you can share at a catalog level as well as at the specific product level.

  • My customers are already sending the orders from WhatsApp, why should I use the app?

    When your customers are using pen and paper, you are still creating a manual experience which is hard and eventually customers will shift away and order digitally from other places without even letting you know. If you adapt to a digital experience, they can send digital lists, you can price them easily. A win-win for both of you.

    Also, digital lists (in case of list-based ordering) increase trust since prices are clear, payments can be recorded, and remove mistakes of the order status (packing, delivered, paid, etc.) since everything can be managed via Orderly®. Further, clear pricing helps your customers build trust with you every time they shop with you compared to other stores.

    When it comes to catalogs, customers can avoid spam from you in group chats, and directly browse your collections anytime. Having a simple online catalog will also help you when you are sharing it with anyone who comes to the store as well.

  • Why does a local store need Orderly®?

    If you are looking to go digital without the hassles of e-commerce, Orderly® is a great product that will help you. Using Orderly, you can not only retain your existing customers and increase the number of orders from them but also attract new customers who are looking for digital ways of ordering.


  • Do you provide an e-commerce website?

    No. We do not. We believe in the power of the next generation of tools that enable conversational commerce and provide innovative solutions tailored to the Indian market and specifically catering to local businesses like yours.

  • I’m already using WhatsApp to get orders. So why should I use Orderly®?

    We all know that today's customers and especially the upcoming young population are looking for simple and effective online ordering experiences. They ❤️ to shop at local stores, but only if you make it easier for them since they don't have the time or patience. Instead of using handwritten bills, using transparent digital billing also plays a very crucial role to gain trust.

    Orderly®, with its digital list creation, transparent billing, personal messaging, repeat ordering, and many more features help you way more than simply managing orders informally on WhatsApp.